Angélica Torres is a 71 year old eco-warrior in Mexico. From humble beginnings she has become an entrepreneur, an inspiration and a symbol for female empowerment to the women in her community. Her passion for protecting the environment is matched only by her compassion for the women of her village.

Combining the two, Angélica has created an eco-sustainability initiative that is breathing new life into the forests and bringing new opportunities to her community ensuring that both not only survive but thrive for generations to come.

When the opportunity to direct Forest of Hope arose, I gladly signed on. It was an opportunity to return to the country I grew up in, Mexico, and to collaborate with an amazing woman at the center of our short documentary – Angélica Torres. In telling Angélica’s story, I was able to touch on several issues that are important to me – the importance of family & community, protecting and preserving the environment and female empowerment. 

At 71 years-young, Angélica proves that you’re never too old to make a difference in this world and as a woman myself it was it was wonderful to find myself inspired by her spirit and the work that she does. I hope young and old will find inspiration like I have as they get to know Angélica, her family and her community.

— Cris Graves, Director

Cris Graves